Your Moving Checklist: Who to Notify When You’re Getting Ready to Move

Congratulations on landing one of the premier luxury apartments for rent in Dallas! Now that you’ve signed the lease and are ready to make your big move, it’s important to remember who you need to notify of your impending change of address.

Missing someone on this list could result in a huge headache down the road, whether it’s a missed payment, disruption of utility service or a problem with your tax return. To avoid this and help ensure that your relocation goes as smooth and uneventful as possible, our experienced Dallas apartment locators have put together a comprehensive checklist below.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of anyone and everyone you’ll want to contact prior to your scheduled move.

  • Current Landlord – This one’s kind of a no-brainer, but it’s important enough to mention, just in case. Once you’ve decided to move, you must give your current landlord appropriate notice. If you’re unsure of how much time you are required to give, you should be able to find that information in your lease or rental agreement (or ask one of our Dallas apartment locators to help). Be careful with this one because if you breach you could be on the hook for substantial penalties.
  • Family and Friends – Of course, the next people who should learn of your impending move are those who are closest to you. As an added bonus, some of these folks will probably offer to help with the logistics of moving as well. And if you happen to be relocating to Dallas from another part of the country, giving them ample notice will provide enough time to say proper goodbyes before your departure.
  • Employer – Your employer needs to know your current address for reporting purposes, whether it’s for sending out your paycheck or mailing your required tax forms at the end of the year. If your relocation will also include leaving your current employer and finding a new job, the sooner you notify your boss, the better.
  • Post Office – Despite your best planning, there will inevitably be pieces of mail sent to your former address after you move. To ensure that nothing important gets lost in the shuffle you’ll need to hit up your local post office and complete the appropriate documents for a change of address and forwarding information. To save time, you can perform a change of address right online through the USPS website.
  • Utilities – Prior to your scheduled move, you’ll want to contact your utility company to let them know about the change and schedule the appropriate changeover in service. These should include your electricity, gas, water and trash. If you happen to be working with one of our professional Dallas apartment locators, he or she should be able to assist with this step as well.
  • Phone/Cable/Internet – Along with your utilities, you’ll need to have your telephone, cable or satellite and internet services transferred to your new address. Again, planning this well in advance will help you avoid a lapse in service. And don’t forget mobile phone as well. You don’t have to worry so much about that service being disrupted, but they’ll need to know where to send your bills.
  • Credit Cards – Missing an important credit card bill could result in costly penalties and higher interest rates, not to mention the negative hit you could take on your credit report. Avoid this risk by contacting all of your credit card companies and notifying them in advance that you have a new mailing address.
  • Financial Institutions – You want to keep your finances in order before, during and after your move, so be proactive in notifying the bank as well as any other relevant parties, such as investment companies and retirement funds.
  • DMV – At some point, you’ll need to have your driver’s license or state ID updated to reflect your new address. The sooner you tackle this one, the better. Depending on the situation, you may be able to do this right online. If you are moving from out of state and require a new license or ID, you’ll probably need to do so in person.
  • Government Agencies – Regardless of whether you’re moving across the country or right across town, you’ll need to notify a number of essential government agencies of your new address. For instance, your local Social Security Administration as well as the electoral register should be informed of these changes as soon as possible. If you need a list of local municipalities, your Dallas apartment locator should be able to assist.
  • IRS – Just because you happened to land one of the nicest luxury apartments in Dallas doesn’t mean you’re off the hook with Uncle Sam. He’ll need to know where to send your tax documents and, hopefully, your big fat refund check come tax season. You can find the required paperwork and instructions on how to do this on the IRS website.
  • Insurance Companies – Other parties that should always have your current address on file are your insurance providers. This includes your life insurance, health insurance and – most importantly – your renters insurance.
  • Subscription Services/Clubs – If you happen to pay for any subscriptions or monthly club services, such as a magazine or meal delivery plan, you can avoid potential delays or disruptions in service by advising them well in advance that your address will be changing.
  • Medical Providers – If you are relocating from another area, you may need to change doctors. Make sure you notify your current physician of your impending move so they can prepare to send your medical records to your new provider. Even if you’re staying local and keeping the same doctor, the office should have an updated address for you on file.

This list should provide a good starting point to ensure a successful, stress-free move. For more assistance or advice, contact our experienced Dallas apartment finders. We’re here to help!

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